What Can Cause Hand and Foot Numbness?

Hand and foot numbness is a tingling feeling that is usually a symptom of a temporary, mild condition or a serious health disease. In some, this is associated with itchiness or pain, which indicates a worse condition.

Numbness in the body, most particularly the hands and feet, is the decrease in blood circulation. This occurs due to several causes. As the headline suggests, let’s learn those different possible causes that can give you numb feet and hands.

1. Injury

Numb hand or foot can happen due to injury. It’s a traumatic experience and this is usually painful.

2. Infections

It’s also possible that you have this numbness because of an existing viral or bacterial infection. This is a symptom that must be relieved by treating the infection.

3. Systematic Diseases

This can also indicate as a sign of a systematic disease. The most common is diabetes. People with diabetes experience mild or severe nerve damage that cause them to have numb or tingling feeling.

4. Nerve Entrapment Syndromes

These syndromes may refer to carpal tunnel syndrome, peroneal nerve palsy, and ulnar nerve palsy. If a person is suffering from one of these syndromes, hand and foot numbness can definitely occur.

5. Lack of Vitamins

This is rare but one cause of numb hands and feet. Make sure you have enough vitamins A, E, and B vitamins.

In any case that you experience hand and foot numbness, keep in mind that this is a sign of a more serious condition that you need to address. You can easily treat this but it can come back if the underlying health condition is still untreated.

Going to the doctor is your best option if the numbness remains. You can certainly do home remedies, such as massaging and applying hot compress. Regular exercise and well balanced diet must be also on the list to prevent having numbness in any part of your body.

If the cause is diabetes, expect to feel numbness more regularly. You have to always keep your blood sugar levels in check and that can help ease numbness along with other symptoms of this disease.

There’s nothing to worry about having hand and foot numbness. It can refer to a lot of things but it’s advisable to better validate it first and find treatment immediately.