Tingling in Hands and Feet

Common Causes of Tingling in Hands and Feet

Tingling in hands and feet can be caused by many health problems. Each of these problems does not just give numbness on your hands and feet but provide serious health issues as well. This means there are other organs in the body that may be affected aside from tingling in hands and feet. Nonetheless, this information will concentrate about the causes of tingling or numbness of both hands and feet. Learning the causes of this medical problem would give you idea on what you should need to do if this happens to you.

A nerve injury is a common cause for having tingling in the hands or feet, or both. This injury may occur in various situations like tripping hard on an accident or fracture in the bone that affects some nerves. Either way, numbness may occur in the hands and feet.

The lack of having enough and proper blood supply is another common cause of tingling in both feet and hands. You may lack some blood supply if you cut off the circulation. This usually happens if you sleep or sit in a wrong position. Making sure you get the right position whenever you sit or sleep must be observed.

Having low electrolyte levels can also provide you tingling in your hands and feet. These electrolyte levels are important to maintain and balance the right levels. Therefore, you need to ensure you get sufficient amount of potassium, magnesium and sodium. Eating foods that contain these elements can help you regulate your electrolyte levels which ultimately reduce the presence of tingling in the hands and feet.

Untreated diabetes can also cause tingling in hands and feet. This is possible to happen once the nervous system is affected. Avoiding diabetes should be a main concern too.

Preventing the occurrence of these health problems can also help you reduce the possibility of suffering from tingling in hands and feet. If there is other things you need to concern about, that is only to seek a medical expert who can help you treat and avoid numbness in your hands and feet. You also promise to yourself that you do basic health methods like cleaning your hands and feet regularly. Eating the right kind and amount of food is also an important routine you must do to avoid these problems. Taking care of your hands and body can surely help you prevent the formation of tingling in these areas.

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