The First Time You Feel That Numbness in Hand and Feet While Sleeping – Factors Revealed

Have you experienced waking up and suddenly some parts of your body just start feeling sore and numb? I’ve felt that for so many times, and I always thought it’s just the bed, though I needed to replace it. But did you know that numbness while sleeping can be caused by an underlying health problem? It may be a symptom of diabetes or other serious illness. Regardless, you can control and prevent numbness.

1. Daily Diet

What you consume in your body can be responsible with that tingling you feel when waking up from sleeping. The deficiency of certain nutrients can give you inflammation, lack of energy, dehydration, etc. That’s why it is very important to always eat healthy meals. Be sure that you get sufficient vitamins and minerals, which you can mostly get from vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, and other plant-based foods.

2. Exercise

Like diet, exercise is another vital element that helps prevent this tingling feeling. Your body has to be maintained. Muscles must be firmer, blood flow should be normal, and nerves become more functional. So when you sleep, there’s that feeling of having your body conditioned, which allows you to be more comfortable and less prone to numbness. But too much or forced exercise can result to muscle pain, which may also lead to numbness. Better know when is less and too much.

3. Injury

Existing injury or wound can cause that numb feeling. You better treat that with cream or ointment and cover some band aids. This affects blood circulation to tingling happens.

4. Disease or Infection

As mentioned previously, numbness can possibly be a symptom of a health problem. The most common is diabetes. Whether it’s diabetes or not, you have to check that out as it can be a condition that has to be treated right away. You must not belittle that tingling feeling because if it’s a serious illness it must be cured before it becomes worse.

Sleeping should give you a great feeling afterwards. You want to wake up happy and content to be able to start the day right. But the tingling feeling can ruin it. So to stop this from happening, be sure to have a well balanced diet every day, exercise on a regular basis, and consider other factors that may cause numbness.