The Dos and Don’ts when Your Feet are Numb

If your feet are numb, it can be a symptom of several things, such as arthritis, circulatory disorder, nerve disorder, or diabetes. It can be a mild case or a serious one that usually need medical attention immediately. Regardless, some home care can be helpful to treat numbness in your toes and entire feet. Here are things that you must do and avoid.

1. Keep your feet clean.

Taking care of your feet always is a must. You do not only wash it during shower but also after doing other things where your feet become dirty and dusty. But never wash it right after you have removed your shoes. Wait for at least 30 minutes before washing. If you have some cut, even if it’s small, it can cause an infection when it’s not properly taken care of.

2. Dry feet after washing.

After every shower and washing, make sure your feet are dry. You can use a soft towel to dry each of your feet. But instead of rubbing, it is better to gently pat your feet with the towel.

3. Use hot water.

It is also important that you use water that is hot or warm. This can soothe the numbness of your feet.

4. Apply a moisturizer.

It is recommended to rub lotion, cream, or other moisturizer on your feet once it’s dry. This keeps it hydrated, which helps reduce numbness. It will also keep your feet clean as it prevents dry skin. There are also creams and lotions just for feet. If you are diabetic, get a prescription from a doctor.

5. Wear the right shoes.

One of the mild cases of numb feet is due to the improper way of wearing shoes. You may experience discomfort with your feet after wearing your shoes for a few hours only. Sometimes, the fitting may not be exact so that can give uncomfortable feeling and pain. Over time, this can cause numbness. Everytime you buy a new pair of shoes you have to try it first and ensure it does fit perfectly.

6. Step on a good surface.

You also be careful when walking. You need to step onto the right path to avoid having slips. When your feet, especially toes, are hit into something, it can cause a tingling feeling.


7. Place your feet up when sitting.

When you are sitting down, put your feet up and keep them elevated. This is a helpful way to circulate the blood in your feet and can reduce numbness. You must do this more often when you are tired most of the day, like when you have stood for hours or walked for long miles.

8. Do not smoke.

Smoking is also one culprit of tingling in feet. It causes your blood vessels to contract and this can stop the normal circulation of blood. If you have the habit of smoking, you may need to lessen, or better yet, stop doing it for good.

There are many natural ways to prevent numbness in toes and feet. While those things can help treat or reduce the tingling feeling, do not hesitate to go to the doctor once numbness is still felt.