Quick Ways to Ease Numbness in Feet and Hands

Numbness in feet and hands is a sign of an underlying health condition that can be just minor or a very serious one. Nevertheless, this kind of symptom can be easily relieved at home. So let’s learn how to treat hand and foot numb with these amazing, cheap home solutions.

1. Stretch

Moving the hands, fingers, feet and toes is one first-aid relief. Once you feel that tingling feeling, it should be a basic instinct to stretch the affected area to ease it.

2. Massage

Stretching helps to relieve numbness because it increases blood flow, and so is massage but a much better option. This should be a common way to treat foot and hand numb as it is more effective in letting blood flow properly.

Image Source: wikihow

3. Hot or Cold Compress

Applying hot compress also helps in increasing blood flow and treating numbness in feet and hands. Put the compress on the affected area for at least 20 minutes. This also works to treat swelling.

4. Exercise

To further prevent numbness in feet and hands, make it a habit to exercise. Any workout method helps in stretching hands and feet.

5. Loose Footwear

For foot numb, it’s important to wear shoes that are open. Try skipping socks and closed shoes for a while until numbness in feet and hands is treated. Also, don’t wear tight shoes as this is one common cause of that tingling feeling.

While these home remedies give no harm, seeing a doctor must be kept in mind especially if the numbness in feet and hands is becoming severe or more frequent. If it accompanies with other strange symptoms, such as blurry vision, uncontrolled bowel movement, skin rash, spasms and dizziness, make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. The treatments mentioned above should be only first aid options whenever necessary.