Numbness in feet in elders can be treated in two ways. It can be through modern medications or natural remedies. Regardless, the effectiveness of each solution is what matters the most. What this means is that there’s treatment against foot numbness even in elders.

Medically, numbness is a minor condition that affects anywhere in the body, most particularly the hands and feet. It’s a tingling sensation that may be associated with pain that can be felt as one of the symptoms.

The cause of numbness in feet in elders may vary. For elders, it’s possible that diabetes is the root of the numb feeling. It can also be due to multiple sclerosis, anemia, peripheral vascular disease, hypocalcemia, or stroke. Sometimes, injury and muscle spasm or strain can give you that tingling sensation too.

How to Treat Numbness in Feet in EldersImage Source: videojug

The following are natural solutions against numbness in feet in elders.

1. Heat

Applying hot compress to the affected area is one way to ease numbness. It helps relax the nerves and muscle tissues. Because numbness is due to poor or blocked circulation of blood, heat can break that. That’s why showering or bathing in hot water also helps.

2. Herbs

Drinking teas made of herbs or taking herbal supplements, which must be prescribed by a doctor, also works in treating numbness in feet in elders. There are properties of both that regulate blood circulation. This eventually relieves foot numbness.

3. Vitamin B-12

Aside from calcium, potassium, and sodium, vitamin B-12 is essential in combating food numbness. Elders that suffer from this condition should eat more foods that high in this vitamin. One of its functions is to support regular blood circulation.

Massaging is another simple cure to treat numbness in feet in elders. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to break poor circulation in blood.

Going to a doctor should be your best and last resort in case the numbness doesn’t go away after several days or weeks. This may only be a bearable condition but can be a symptom of a serious health issue.

Treating numbness in feet in elders shouldn’t be a problem. This can be easily sorted out but you must be vigilant of the associated disease that’s causing it. You may not only have the numbness cured but also the health issue that’s started all this.