Numbness in Toes

Numbness in toes is a condition that is generally associated with the nerves and blood vessels that supply blood to the feet and lower limbs. Numbness is often accompanied by a tingling sensation. The condition is also known as paresthesia of the toes.

There are a number of possible causes why a person experiences numbness in toes. Sometimes it is caused by a recent or past foot injury and ill fitting shoes or casts.  In some cases, the numbness is a symptom of a chronic disease such as Diabetes Mellitus, Leprosy, or Multiple Sclerosis. Other possible causes could be frostbite, vasculitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, Neuroma, Arthritis, and Peripheral Neuropathy.

For example, vasculitis is an inflammation of the blood vessels and may occur in different organs of the body such as the upper limbs, lower limbs, arms, feet, fingers or toes.  A person who suffers from vasculitis of the feet may experience numbness, sores and other infections on the feet.

People who have Diabetes Mellitus are also prone to several foot injuries due to a condition called Diabetic Neuropathy. When the nerves in the feet are damaged, numbness will also occur.  This is why diabetics are often advised to take extra care of their feet and to inspect their feet for sores or wounds that don’t heal on a daily basis. Because of numbness, a person may be unable to distinguish pain or respond to pain. When left untreated, the infection or wound may get worse and the affected foot may need to be amputated.

Numbness of the nerves may also be an effect of alcohol abuse. Many alcoholics feel numbness not just on their feet but even on their arms, neck and face. The numbness may get worse as the level of alcohol in the blood vessels increase.

If you’re not comfortable with the shoes you wear, you are also most likely to suffer from numbness in toes. Hence, it is very important to choose a pair of shoes that not only fits well, but also allows your feet to breathe and allow blood to circulate properly.

Do you frequently experience numbness in toes or other similar sensation? If yes, it is best to see a doctor right away to determine the real cause of the problem. More importantly, a doctor will be able to give you proper advice on how to treat the problem and prevent the condition from getting worse.

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