Neuropathy in Feet

Neuropathy in feet is a term that refers to the condition of the feet which involves tingling sensation and numbness. People may experience neuropathy or numbness in their toes and feet as a result of damaged nerves and/or vessels that supply blood in their lower limbs.

There are also different causes as to why this happens. For instance, neuropathy in feet or numbness of the nerves is common among people who have Diabetes.  Because their feet are unable to feel or respond to sensation, sores or wounds may appear without their notice. This is why people with diabetes are often advised to take care of their feet and inspect their feet regularly.

Who else may experience numbness or neuropathy? People who have abused alcohol may suffer from this symptom even as they try to remain sober for months or years. Excessive alcohol levels may damage blood vessels and cause them to function improperly.

The lack or absence of physical activity can also bring about the same symptom. IF you usually spend hours each day seated in your office, you are more likely to experience numbness of the feet from time to time. Although it may seem like a harmless sensation, the numbness can be disturbing and may worsen over time. To avoid neuropathy in feet, it is advisable to practice at least 15- to 30- minutes of exercise and walking daily to improve blood circulation.

Physical trauma is another cause for neuropathy. Injuries may cause permanent damage to the nerves which may result to a loss of sensation. Sometimes, an accident or injury that has happened for quite a long time may bring about neuropathy later on.

Many diabetics also complain of numbness accompanied by a tingling sensation in their lower limbs.  Because diabetics have a slower ability to heal wounds on their own, they are advised to take good care of their feet and inspect it regularly for blisters, sores, wound or any sign of infections. This is because a person with diabetes may not feel that he or she has a sore or wound due to neuropathy or numbness especially if the wound is located on the sole of the feet.

Do you frequently experience numbness or a tingling sensation in your feet? If yes, do not ignore the symptom because your health could be at stake. By consulting a physician or a specialist right away, you can be given a proper diagnosis and you’ll know the real reason why you experience neuropathy in feet. More importantly, the right treatment can be administered to prevent the condition from worsening.

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