Is It Necessary to Have Your Wet Feet when Numb?

Numbness in feet can be a serious or an uncomplicated condition. It implies that you must not ignore and take it seriously. This tingling feeling in toes and feet has different causes. It may be due to a simple condition, such as sprain, or a more serious one, like diabetes or sclerosis.

While addressing the underlying cause of numb feet, knowing the dos and don’ts is also important. The last thing you will do is to worsen your condition. That’s why you are recommended to learn how to treat numb toes and feet.

Questions to Ask Regarding Numbness in Feet:
1. Did you have an injury?
2. Is the numbness in toes only, or the entire feet?
3. Are there other parts of your body that are tingling?
4. Since when did you have that tingling feeling?

Numbness in Feet

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1. Diagnose the Cause

Determining the real cause of numbness is the initial step toward curing it. You need to check if the medicines you are taking if one of the symptoms is numbness. Other than that, have yourself checked for diabetes. One very common sign of this illness is numbness, which include feet. Anyhow, the best thing you can really do is to get help from a professional healthcare provider (doctor). If you feel numbness more than once, it is advisable that you visit a physician.

2. Wash with Hot Water

One thing that you must remember when dealing with numb feet is to never soak it in cold water. It is alright to wet feet that are numb, but ensure the water is warm. It also helps if you pour some essential oil to mix with it. In addition, do not try to frequently wet them. It must be only during shower time.

3. Wear Proper Shoes

When wearing a pair of shoes, you need to avoid heels. You must also wear perfectly fitting shoes. It is not suggested to wear shoes that are tight. It can cause your toes to be pinched, which eventually lead to numbness. It is best that you wear socks or compression hose. These are able to circulate blood flow, which makes you prevent numbness.

4. Stretch Your Feet

Feet must be stretched when you have numbness. This is one way to treat it. You can do a simple stretch by drawing a letter or object in the air. It is not advisable to do an exercise that extremely forces it to move. That can cause worse condition. Once this is treated, do not stop from exercising. Have some time to run, ride on a bicycle, or swim.

5. Massage Your Feet

It is also helpful to rub your feet to get rid of numbness. This is one way to stimulate blood circulation. After massage, you can just elevate your feet so it reduces pain, tingling, and also swelling.

Remember to find out the cause before doing things or attempts of trying to cure numb feet. It is better that you confirm what to do and what not to do to ensure success treatment.