I’m Not Diabetic, but Why Suffer from Numb Toes and Fingers?

Are you one of those rare people who are positive that they don’t have diabetes yet they experience numb toes and fingers? If you are, then you are at the right page.

To make it clear, numbness doesn’t only occur in people with diabetes. This happens due to one of the several reasons. Yes, there are other certain causes of numb toes and fingers.

What is numbness in toes and fingers?

The tingling feeling of the hands and feet is a common health condition. But this is usually a symptom of various issues that can be either serious or minor. Easing the numb feeling is not difficult to do. There’s nothing to worry about getting numb toes and fingers. You have to worry about what’s causing it.

What are the causes of this problem?

If it’s not diabetes, it can be a neuropathic related condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome. In most cases, that’s not troubling but must be taken with medical attention. It’s also possible that it occurs due to stroke, brain problem, or spinal cord issue. These are health conditions that may refer an extreme problem. You won’t only suffer from numbness but also difficulty to move and uttering words.

A more relieving reason is that the numb toes and fingers you are feeling is because of some minor issue. You probably have sat or stood for a long time. You may have walked or run for some hours. Sleeping in awkward positions is another possible cause. In any of these cases, it is something that can make you wipe your sweat off.

Can diet and nutrition affect nerves?

It is not an unobvious reason to say nutrition doesn’t affect nerves at all. Whatever you put in your body does affect everything. Numb toes and fingers can happen as a result of vitamin deficiency. If you don’t have enough vitamin B12 in your system, this tingling can likely occur.

How to solve this issue?

It’s very important to identify the cause of the numbness of your toes and fingers. This has to be diagnosed by a professional physician. From there, you can prevent the tingling sensation you’re having now and treat the underlying condition that’s causing it if it’s something serious.

Generally, there’s nothing to fear about having numb toes and fingers. As long as it’s not related to one of those extreme health conditions, you should just be fine.