How to Ease Hand and Foot Numbness in Toddlers

Are you worrying about hand and foot numbness in toddlers? Is one your kids suffering from this and no clue as to what to do? Parents, you better pay attention to the following information.

Numbness of hands and feet are also called as tingling. It’s a prickling sensation that is usually harmless. However, we’re talking about kids here age from 3 to 6 years old. The feeling can be unbearable to them. But aside from that, it can indicate an underlying condition that can be really serious.

The common causes of hand and foot numbness in toddlers and babies may vary. Like in adults, it can be due to diabetes. If a person is diabetic, one of the symptoms is the tingling of hands, feet, and probably other parts of the body.

A less serious condition can be the deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals, most especially vitamin B12, calcium, sodium, and potassium.

Other causes include under active thyroids, injuries, insect bites, and food poisoning, particularly seafood.

What To Do

Parents must not take this kind of situation a slight or minor case. It’s the health and comfort of your children that are at stake. As much as possible, you need to take care of them immediately.

Calling 911 or your nearest hospital should be a wise thing to do once your child is suffering from numbness. You know it’s a severe case if it’s due to injury and have wounds. If they also suffer from headache, pain, redness, fever, and nausea, it’s best that you consult a pediatrician.

If it seems minor, you can simply massage the affected area. This is a first aid solution against hand and foot numbness in toddlers. You may also apply hot or cold compress. Make sure your child is comfortable as you do either way.

Treating hand and foot numbness in toddlers should be non-stressful. However, taking care of this condition must not be delayed or taken slightly. You must know if there’s the need to call for emergency help. Nevertheless, try the simple home remedies first and if nothing works then your best option is to go to the nearest hospital.