Foot Pain on Top of Foot

How to Alleviate Foot Pain on Top of Foot

Foot pain on top of foot is a serious joint problem. This is a sickness mostly suffered by athletes especially runners. Even hikers that frequently go to mountains by foot are the persons who usually get this kind of illness. The primary consequence of having this pain is that you are not able to do any normal routine. You can barely walk and just find yourself sitting as you feel the pain right from your foot. It is a good thing that there are effective treatments you can apply to alleviate and fully remove the pain. Using the right treatment would be prescribed by a physician.

Causes involved of pain on the foot are listed here. One of them is a lace bite. This means the pain may occur due to the tying of laces in a very tight manner. It is also possible that you usually wear very tight shoes. Remember that a very tight shoe or lace can prevent the circulation in your feet which may irritate your nerves and provide inflammation of soft tissues. Extensor tendinitis is another common cause of foot pain. This is an inflammation of the tendons of your feet. The last possible cause of foot pain on top of foot is metatarsal stress fracture. The fracture in the metatarsal bone may have been stressed that results to a weakening or microscopic crack. This is the highest stage that would really need medical help.

Depending on the cause of the pain in your foot, getting immediate treatment is very helpful. The sooner you find a way to cure it the faster to alleviate the pain. However, there are many ways to do in order to achieve full treatment. One of these is to rest and apply an ice on top of the area that is affected. Since you are dealing with an inflammation, an ice bag is a good aid to relieve the pain. It is also recommended that you wrap the affected area with bandage to keep it from swelling. If these methods don’t work, you might need some anti-inflammatory drugs, also known as NSAIDs, or surgical treatment. Responding to the pain with proper cure is the least option you can make.

Seeing an orthopedist is the best way for you to cure your foot pain on top of foot. A medical expert is someone you need at this time of moment. Do not hesitate to have a medical checkup. Consulting the right person is very important in alleviating the pain and lump in your foot.

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