Foods that Alleviate Pain and Numbness in Feet

Numbness in feet is the effect of poor circulation of blood. It can also happen due to inadequate supply of blood. Other factors, which are usually rare, include injury, sprain, and vitamin deficiency.

Poor diet and nutrition can cause tingling and numbness in feet, also in hands. The foods you eat can have primary roles in your health. Hand and foot numbness is just one of the mild cases that happen because of imbalanced diet.

As mentioned already, the lack of certain vitamins can give you that tingling sensation on nerves. Vitamin B12 deficiency is going to make you feel that numbness more often. Hence, one great solution to ease numbness in feet, with or without pain, is to eat more foods that contain high dose of this vitamin.

1. Soy Products

Foods made from soy beans are generally high in vitamin B12. Even fortified ones, such as tofu, must be included in the diet to avoid numbness in feet, hands, and other parts of the body.

2. Dairy Products

Whether it’s full fat, reduced fat, or whole, milk from cow and goat is a good drink to obtain vitamin B12.

3. Cheese

From feta to parmesan, cheese can also help alleviate numbness in feet.

4. Fortified Cereals

Cereals that are fortified also have vitamin B12. Having this for breakfast prevents you from suffering pain or numbness.

For non-vegetarians, these foods should be added: fish, oysters, mussels, shrimps, lobsters, liver, red meat, and eggs.

Eating these foods more can really help you in preventing numbness in feet. Make sure your diet includes them so no more tingling in your hands and feet.

Keep in mind that numbness in toes is a very common symptom of diabetes. If it’s not about other things, it’s best that you check your blood sugar levels because you may be already diabetic.