Corns on Feet

Corns on Feet – Inexpensive Cure You May Apply

Many people misunderstood about what corns on feet are. They say that these corns are same as calluses. To tell you frankly this notion is not true. Corns are totally different than calluses. The differences between corns on foot and calluses are based on the color and shape of the lump. The corn on a food is usually red in color and the shape of the lump is odd while calluses are almost perfect as a ball shape. Knowing what corns on human’s feet can help you how to deal and treat this problem.

You can prevent or relief corns by means of wearing wider shoes especially for women. Avoiding the wearing of tight shoes or tying shoes tightly is another preventive measure. Wearing the right shoes and wearing properly are just basic things you need to do.

You also need to clean your feet on a regular basis. You can soak your feet into a basin that is filled with a cup of baking soda and a cup of Epson salt. Mix those substances with warm water. You can also pour a small drop of essential oils either lavender or peppermint flavor for a nice fragrant. After soaking for 30 minutes, you scrub your feet to remove germs. Cleaning your feet this way can get rid of fungus and bacteria that may cause corns on your feet.

The use of corn remover cream or pads is also helpful. You can buy corn removal kit or corn pad from any leading drug stores. When applying cream or pad, you ensure to read the instructions carefully before using it. The common and most recommended types of corn pads to use are the donut-shaped and horseshoe shaped corn pads. Applying a cream and a pad can help reduce the pain caused by corns on feet.

The last option which is the most important is to consult a professional orthopedist. He can surely help you fight the pain and remove those corns on your feet. Seeking help and treatment from the right person is always recommended.

Fighting the pain corns on feet give can be achieve if you follow the tips you read on this page. You need to apply and put those tips into practice to avoid corns. Following these treatments is all you need to stop suffering from the swelling and inflammation caused by these corns.