Conditions that Cause Numbness in Toes and Feet

A lot of people complain when they have numbness in their feet and toes. While this bearable, no one likes to feel the pain caused by this. It can cause you to walk and move slowly. The tingling sensation of this is what most people do not tolerate.

How does numbness in toes and feet occur? This is a very good question as you want to prevent experiencing it as much as possible. Well, there are two major reasons why this may happen to you. First, it can be caused by an underlying condition. The second factor has something to do with the kind of footwear you use.

Numbness in Toes

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1. Ill-Fitting Shoes

Women who usually suffer from numb feet are due to the shoes they are willing. They normally wear closed shoes, shoes with high heels, and stilettos. This can cause their feet and toes to become painful after hours of wearing. Others also wear the wrong size of shoes, which is another reason for having numbness in their toes. There is a tendency for the toes to get injured. If this happens, it can trigger nerve compression, which may require for some medical help. The solution here is to wear the right shoe size.

2. Diabetes

One primary symptom of diabetes is numbness of many parts of the body, which include feet, particularly the toes. This does not only give you a tingling feeling, but also make the toes to discolor. Whether you have been diagnosed with diabetes or still uncertain if you have this condition, numb feet should be something to taken seriously. You may need to seek professional help as soon as possible.

3. Bunions

This is a type of bump that grows on the big toe. It is not just a bump that can interrupt you from wearing shoes, but also give you an uncomfortable, painful feeling. Because of that, numbness occurs in other parts of the toes. To remedy this, you need to undergo a surgical method.

4. Gout

Gout is another common condition that affects feet. This happens if you have high amount of uric acid in your blood. The base of the big toe usually becomes swollen and inflamed. It can be also painful, and cause numb or tingling feeling.

5. Vitamin B12 Deficiency

This may not be very common, but lack of enough vitamins, superficially B12, can cause you to suffer from numb feet and toes. Most people who feel numbness due to vitamin deficiency are adults who are 40 and above. Remember that vitamin B12 is very essential to your health, most especially the brain and nerves. Be sure to have yourself properly diagnosed when you have numbness in your feet.

Other possible conditions that can cause numbness in feet, or toes, are inflammation of the bone, cervical spondylosis, and peripheral neuropathy. To make sure of the underlying condition, better consult to a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Remember feet that are numb may swell or cause bump. It is also possible that both may not happen. However, if you feel a tingling sensation, it is definitely numb feet. Again, it can be about anything as you have learned the different causes of this condition from the list above. You really need to be careful on this one.

The most important thing you have to do is to seek medical help if the tingling sensation seems to not go away. This may sound like a mild condition, but it can be harmful depending on its cause. It is always essential to be diagnosed properly, because the condition that triggers numbness also needs right treatment.