Can You Soak Feet With Warm Water When Numb? What Essential Oils To Use?

Numbness in feet means blood circulation is poor. This can be caused by one of the many things: wearing uncomfortable or tight shoes, standing for a long time, excessive walking or running, or diabetes. Poor blood flow anywhere in the body can always have an effect in feet, too.

What most people do when they feel tingly down there is to move and exercise the toes or ankles. The common question they ask is if it’s alright to soak feet with water. Would it worsen the symptom? Is blood going to circulate back normally?

Talking to a Doctor Should be Considered

While this case is usually not alarming, experts suggest consulting a doctor if you feel nothing in your feet. It may be an infection or a deep and serious injury. Who knows it may be also a sign of diabetes that you haven’t been diagnosed with.

Warm Water Really Helps

First of all, you just have to relax. You can soak your feet with warm water. It should feel better and normal after several hours. If it doesn’t, then you know an emergency call or visit to the doctor’s office is the wisest option.

Both foot pain and numbness can be soothed with hot water. There is heat that stimulates blood to flow regularly. This also helps in reducing inflammation that is causing pain. If you don’t have hot water from your shower, boil a small pot of water and fill in a wide bucket after. Dip and have your numb feet soaked for at least 5 minutes. Be sure you are sitting to make yourself feel more comfortable.

Always Better with Clove Oil

It’s also a great idea if you add a little oil into the water. You may choose any oil that is stored in your cabinet, but if you want to use the best, clove oil should be your pick. This is very effective in treating foot pain and numbness.

Another method that works is to apply clove oil over the affected area and massage gently. Yes, you may do this without soaking the entire feet with water. It can still help boost circulation in blood.

Heating Pad or Epsom Salt is also an Option

Heat really works in dilating clogs or swelling in veins. It’s always a first-aid treatment when you feel tingling in your feet. So get a heating pad or cold compress and place on the affected area for at least 15 minutes.

Epsom salt is able to relax numbness or inflammation in feet. This is another option you may use for this case. In fact, you can add this to the bucket of warm water. It will be a treatment and scrub at the same time. It moisturizes and softens your skin, while neutralizes odor.

For those who say warm water doesn’t work in reducing the tingling feeling, it’s just a myth that you should not believe. But be sure your feet have relaxed for at least 30 minutes before soaking it with water.