What to Know about Big Toe Pain

Big toe pain is the result of cartilage damage on the joint of your biggest toe. This brings a slight severe pain around your big toe. If you have big toe pain running must be temporarily stopped. You have to refrain from running for some time. If you experience big toe pain when walking then that indicates an injury in your toe.

You need to consult a doctor about your condition to get medicines and to prevent pain.This is the big toe pain joint problem which is mainly caused by hallux rigidus. It is a kind of osteoarthritis that may result to a more serious condition if not treated early. If treatment is taken and proper medications are applied then there is a possibility to have a fast relief. This can bring you back to your normal running exercise and other usual activities.
This hallux rigidus will make a person feels a great big toe pain at night.

You will experience severe pain around your toe especially during your bed time. You will experience big toe pain and swelling once your big toe is jammed up with friction. This causes the toe pain and inflammation that can lead to swelling of the toe or the whole foot. This will make it difficult for you to move your feet. You cannot walk or run because of the severe pain.

There are different causes of big toe pain. A big toe pain causes some slow deterioration of the joint too especially if you are an older adult. You may also have pain in your big toe if you are suffering from some sports injury. If you have foot infection, this can produce pain in the big toe as well. Another cause of this kind of discomfort is gout with infection in the joint. To elders, the most common causes are osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

It is very vital that if you are having big toe pain, you have to act immediately regarding its treatment. Call or visit a doctor to have your toe examination and diagnosis. This will help you relieve the pain through proper medications. Do not wait until the pain leads to a more complicated condition before you get treatment. As early as possible, big toe pain must be prevented.

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