Big Toe Pain

Preventing Big Toe Pain in Easy Ways

There are several people who encounter big toe pain. This kind of pain on the toes could be very gruesome if left or late untreated. It must be your concern to do such immediate response regarding how to treat it to avoid worsening the situation. Having the knowledge on how to cure and prevent big toe pain is an essential act.

Some ways and steps on how to get rid of the painful big hump on the toe are listed below. Following these suggestive steps is an important application to cure the pain.

The first thing everybody must do is to consult a doctor. There is no symptoms before you get to identify you are suffering from a big toe pain. You can clearly figure it out the moment you see red hump on your toe. Once you see that, you visit the nearest doctor or the physician you know to get proper treatment. Relying on a professional medical practitioner is a must.

The pain your big toe is feeling might be due to hallus rigidis. This is a form of osteoarthritis that causes this particular toe to become stiff. It is necessary that you seek for a medical diagnosis in this case. Getting proper cure would be prescribed and advised by a doctor.

Gout also affects your big toe and this occurs if there is a high blood concentration that forms into crystals in the joints of the body. The proven faster treatment of this is to take a purine rich diet and anti-inflammatory drugs. Getting rid of the gout can also help in removing the pain of the big toe.

Among the common causes of big toe pain is bunion. This happens due to the wearing of tight and very fitting shoes. The same may occur because of wearing high heeled shoes. The bunion refers to the excessive bone formation or displacement of bone which is at the first metatarsophalangeal joint. It will result to the formation of a bony lump that makes it very painful. Treatment involved here are toe stretching, toe straightening, the use of night splints and if on a worst stage, the applying of braces. Alleviating the pain of bunion is possible with these treatments.

Preventing big toe pain is the only essential key. Now that you know the causes of this, you must learn how to take care of your feet. Giving enough care and proper treatment would be the very best thing you can do to completely reduce the pain from your big toe.

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