Bad Habits that Make Your Foot Numb

Foot numb or tingling is caused by a lot of things usually bad habits. But the occurrence of this is due to poor circulation of blood. It’s not a serious condition as it can be relieved immediately. However, it can also be a symptom of an underlying health problem that may be serious, such as diabetes.

The best solution against foot numb is to prevent doing certain things. If the numbness is just a mild case, which means no condition is associated, there’s nothing to worry about. So without further ado, let’s reveal the bad habits that you must stop doing in order to ease numbness in feet.

1. Sitting Cross Legged

Crossing your legs while sitting is a common culprit of foot numb. This traps nerves that make blood circulation a problem. The inadequate supply of blood gives you that tingling feeling. It’s alright to do cross legged sitting for a few minutes, but keeping it for a longer time can make your feet numb.

2. Sitting for a Long Time

Even without legs crossed, if you sit for a long time, your feet can surely start becoming numb. This may not only affect your feet but also legs and butt. Whether there’s important thing you’re doing in front of a computer or just relaxing watching TV, give yourself a break to stand and walk at some point.

3. Standing for a Long Time

Standing for hours can also make foot numb. Be sure to take a seat if necessary.

4. Walking or Running with Tight Shoes

Other than long hours, wearing tight shoes can be uncomfortable when you stand, walk, or run. You need to have shoes that don’t make your feet sore. Some shoes do that within several minutes only.

Regular exercise and well balanced diet are general keys to prevent foot numb. Some foods can make you prone to inflammation which can lead to numbness in the long run. So you must observe what you are eating as well. But remember the habits listed above must not be tolerated.

In case one of your feet starts getting numb, there are plenty of home remedies you can do.

1. Massage the affected area. It’s better if you use some oil.
2. Apply hot compress. Cold compress can also work.
3. Soak foot in a hot water. You may mix with salt or vinegar to kill bacteria.