6 Ways to Soothe Numb Toes and Feet

Diabetes or not, numb toes and feet can be uncomfortable and distracting. It’s not a serious condition to feel, but most importantly, this can be easily solved. Here are some basic ways on how you can soothe your feet when numb.

1. Massage and Heat

Pressing the affected area can help normalize the blood flow. You feel that tingling because of poor blood circulation, so massage is a great way to ease that. If it doesn’t go away after several minutes, you may rub on a towel soaked in hot water or a warm compress. It should make you feel better.

2. Diet and Exercise

The lack of certain nutrients, specifically vitamin B12, calcium, sodium and potassium, is one possible cause of foot numbness. So eat more foods that contain a high amount of each of these vitamins and minerals. Your diet must be balance and consists of the essential nutrients that your body needs.

Likewise, don’t ignore the benefits of exercise. You may be sitting too much or standing for a long time that makes your feet numb. The best workout options are jogging, cycling, dancing, and Zumba.

3. Herbs

The enlargement of blood vessels is a potential reason why circulation is poor. If this is the case, drinking herbal teas or taking supplements from herbs should help. But don’t take any vitamins without consulting a doctor. It’s better if you are prescribed by an expert.

4. New Shoes or Inserts

You can blame your shoes if they’re tight already. This means it’s time to replace them and make sure the pair is a bit larger. If your shoes are large enough, you may just have to add inserts to make you feel comfortable and ease pressure that’s causing your numb toes and feet. For women, shoes with heels can cause the numbness too. In this case, lessen your option to wear heels.

5. Elevate

Place a your feet forward on a much higher object while sitting or use a pillow and put your feet above as you lay in bed. Either way, it helps ease your numb toes and feet. Basically, this helps in improving blood circulation.

6. Injection

There’s also medicinal injection that can be used around nerves that are affected. It increases blood flow that makes the numbness go away. But this must be performed by a specialist, so again, consult your physician.

If you still have numb toes and feet for over a week, the best and last option to do is to go to a doctor and have it checked. It can indicate a more serious health condition that has to be treated as soon as possible.