6 Habits that Prevent Numbness in Toes and Feet

Numbness in toes and feet occur at any time and age of a person’s life. It may be just a minor sore or a symptom of a serious illness. Either way, it’s something that can bother you. To prevent this, there are habits that you must stop doing. Let’s learn the bad habits that can trigger foot tingling that you must avoid.

1. Cross-Legged Sitting

When you sit, do it properly and avoid crossing your legs. This can trap nerves making poor blood circulation, which causes the numbness in your feet. Just put both foot on the ground when sitting and lean on your back.

2. Sitting or Standing for a Long Time

Too much always has a consequence, and this applies when you sit or stand for a very long period of time. When you sit, whether watching TV or working on your office, be sure to stand once in a while. Go grab some snacks or take a quick break. Likewise, take a seat if you’ve been standing for too long.

Also, remember to get up or go out and exercise. Working out helps a lot in improving circulation of blood. It must be on your daily habit to do one or more exercise. If you have limited time, a few times of jogging shouldn’t be a bad idea.

3. Wearing Heels or Tight Shoes

Heels are women’s best friend but this can also cause numbness in toes and feet. You should make it an occasional habit only, such as parties. While at home, it’s best to use cozy slippers. When you go shopping or visit a place that you know would take you hours, wear flat shoes. For both men and women, tight shoes should be removed off the rack. Your feet would no doubt start getting numb when you remove your shoes.

4. Eating Sweets

Numbness in toes and feet, even hands, can be a symptom of diabetes. If this is the case, sugar consumption has something to do with that. So avoid eating foods that are sweet or sugar because they can trigger this tingling feeling. What you need to eat more are fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and good carbs.

5. Not Drinking Enough Water

Dehydration is one cause of poor blood circulation. The remedy here is to add more water to your system. Aside from water, fresh juices and smoothie also help fight numbness in toes and feet. Make it a habit to drink lots of water and other healthy beverages, not alcohol or caffeinated drinks.

6. Washing Feet when Tired

When you go home after work, from visiting a place, or at the end of your gym session, have remove your shoes and have your feet rest for at least an hour. Don’t shower or soak your body in a tub yet. Getting it wet while it’s still sore or tired can cause tingling and numbness in the long run. This is also one reason of bad odor in feet.

Some bad habits should be ignored. This is the way to avoid numbness in toes and feet.