6 Foods that Help Relieve Pain and Numbness in Feet

Numbness in feet, hands, and other parts of the body is a symptom of a minor health problem or a more serious one, such as diabetes. This tingling feeling is a nerve damage that can give you discomfort or pain.

One causes of foot numbness is deficiency of certain vitamins. So your diet may have something to do with that feeling, and if so then it‘s just a minor case to deal with. Even if it’s caused by a serious illness, eating particular foods can help relieve numbness in feet and hands.

B-vitamin deficiencies can affect the health of your nerves. So be sure that you eat lots of foods that contain a high dose of B vitamins and vitamin E.

Your diet needs to contain the following:
1. Leafy green vegetables
2. Nuts
3. Seeds
4. Fish
5. Fiber-Rich Fruits
6. Cereals

Make sure to drink lots of water and other non-alcoholic fluids per day. You can also add B-vitamin supplements to your daily habit. These help to naturally treat numbness in feet, toes, and hands.

Nerve damage does affect cells and tissues. There’s no other way to improve the health of your cells and tissues but to consume certain compounds that are essential. In the case of numbness in feet, eat foods that have vitamin E, B-vitamins, and fiber.

Other than the diet, you can do other thing to relive numbness and pain.

1. Stretch or massage
2. Apply hot compress
3. Call a doctor for help, especially if it’s gone too serious or natural cures don’t seem to work.

While numbness in feet may not be a deadly situation, the underlying cause of it must not be ignored because that’s probably worse. So you should know when natural treatment and diet are not enough, and when you do, make a phone call and have an appointment with a good physician.