5 Top Reasons Why Toes Go Numb

Toes are among the body parts that can easily get numbed. When you say numbness, it is the loss of feeling. This can be for a very short time only or last for hours, sometimes days, depending on the cause. If not a sign or symptom of a particular health condition, it is probably due to something else that is less expected, which is what you will learn below.

When toes, or even other organs, start to become numb, you should visit a doctor’s office for treatment. Yet, there are cases in which you can naturally treat it yourself. This must depend on the cause, because it may worsen the condition if you try curing it by yourself.

1. Poor Blood Circulation

The most common cause of toe numbness is poor circulation of the blood. This happens if your legs and feet have been idle, like when you are sitting for a very long time or crossing your legs. Other blood related causes of the feeling of numbness and tingling are heart or cardiovascular disease and Lyme disease.

2. Bunion

Another cause of numbness in toes is bunions, which is more common to women who wear closed and ill-fitting shoes. This is a swelling usually near the big toe on the side of the foot. Both sides are normally affected but they can have different sizes. It is painful other than the tingling feeling. It is recommended to treat it right away before it gets worse, because when it is severe, surgical method becomes a mandatory and that can be very expensive.

3. Peripheral Neuropathy

Numbness in toes, and also feet, may be due to peripheral neuropathy. This is occurs if there are damages in the nerves. Damaged nerves usually happen because of injury, infection, metabolic disorders, or toxins.

4. Frostbite

Sometimes, cold temperatures can make you feel numb. Imagine a freezing, below zero temperature that causes pain, swelling, skin blisters, and of course numbness. Therefore, frostbite is on the list of why toes can get numb. This condition varies from mild to severe, which the latter may refer to the damage of the tissue. When there is numbness in the toes, surgical method is the right treatment.

5. Diabetes

If you have advanced diabetes, one of the symptoms that you would feel is numb toes. This disease refers to damage in the nerves, so numbness likely develops. It happens when the blood glucose levels are high in the legs or feet, or both.

Some people consider numbness as a mild condition. Though sometimes it is not severe, it must not be left untreated. It is essential to cure it as soon as possible. Do not wait until it becomes worse that you need to spend more money. Everyone will have to skip surgical removal if possible. For sure, you do not want that, too. The best thing to do is to prevent from having numbness, which involve proper diet and regular exercise.