5 Natural Ways to Cure Numbness in Toes

Numb feet and toes can give you the feeling of mild discomfort to severe pain. It can be tingling or burning, but not really dangerous. However, the discomfort this condition brings can make someone annoyed and frustrated. It is also enough to hinder you from walking and doing something productive, profitable or sensible.

This happens when blood supply in the toes is lessened. Causes of numbness vary as there are plenty of factors that trigger the tingling effect. It can be caused by existing health conditions, which include inflammation, infection, a degenerative disease, diabetic nerve damage, spinal injury, sprain, and multiple sclerosis. It is also possible to get numb toes and feed due to snug shoes.

The good news is that you can prevent and treat this without using a traditional medicine. You can absolutely cure numbness in your toes naturally. Here are some suggestions that are effective to get rid of numb toes.

1. Do Not Wear Shoes

If you have toes that are numb, one basic thing you have to do is to get rid of shoes. Wear a pair of flip flops or a slipper to help increase the supply of blood in that area of your feet. It can get worse if the toes are squeezed or tightened by shoes.

2. Put on Socks or Compression Hose

To decrease numbness and rather stimulate more blood circulation, wear socks but no shoes. You can also use a compression hose for each foot. Both are affective ways to cure numbness in your feet, particularly the toes.

3. Massage the Entire Feet

Rubbing your toes and all parts of the feet can also increase blood supply and circulate well. This is one major effective to cure numbness. It is also the first aid means to treat numb toes. To prevent numbness in the future, it is best to massage each foot after a long tiring day, whether you have walked several miles, been standing for a long time, or sitting in the chair the entire day at work.

4. Sit Properly

Sometimes, one cause of feet and toe numbness is because of improper sitting. There are people who have the habit to sit with their legs crossed. You need to change the leg to cross from time to time. It is best to just sit properly because right position can avoid numbness. This also helps make a good posture that can benefit you in the long run.

If your legs and feet are sore, painful and numb, you get something that enables you to elevate both feet. This allows blood to circulate, which eventually helps cure numbness and pain. Even if there is no numbness, if you know your legs are not feeling normal, elevating is one best key.

5. Exercise

Many people forget how beneficial exercise is. Any exercise that involves the feet is helpful in blood circulation. With moderate intensity for a short period of time, your legs, feet and toes will have enough blood supply. A 30-minute workout, like rope jumping, jack jumping and stretching, is able to prevent numbness. If you do this regularly, and not only when you have numb toes and feet, it is something you will thank for. Other exercise forms and sports, including swimming, jogging or running, and riding a bike, are helpful in curing or preventing numbness.

The next time you feel numb in your toes or anywhere in your feet and legs, remember to do one or more of the suggested treatments. When in case none of them work, do not hesitate to consult a physician to get a proper prescription. Sometimes, you may need more than just natural cures to treat this kind of condition.

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