Hand and foot numbness can be irritating, and sometimes painful to others. As much as possible you want it off. Yet, you suffer from its tingling sensation for a few days to a week.

For a condition that affects either hands or feet, normal activities that you do are hindered. Not to mention you get to experience that uncomfortable feeling for days.

The cause of numbness in hands and feet varies. It can be a temporary symptom of a disease, most particularly diabetes. It can be an effect of an injury or nerve damage, which is most known as peripheral neuropathy.

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This kind of health issue may only be minor or severe. If it’s extreme, it can lead to permanent impairment. This is why everyone should know how to get rid of hand and foot numbness.

One of the basic and easiest ways to treat numbness in your hands or toes is massage. In fact, most people will instantly try to massage it to ease the tingling or aching feeling.

Massaging the affected area can give an instant relief. It helps increases the normal circulation of blood. The scientific reason why you feel that tingling is because blood can’t flow properly or one of the blood vessels is enlarged. When you massage, it can definitely put you to a much better feeling.

Take note that massaging any hand and foot with numbness may not fully treat it. If it’s caused by an unserious condition, it should be cured eventually. If it goes away for some time but reoccurs after a couple of days or so, then you know it’s something much worse than you thought. In a case like that you have to go see a doctor for a much better treatment.

Other treatments include the applying of a hot compress, soaking in warm water mixed with Epsom salt, and taking prescribed medication. You can also rely on these methods to soothe the numb feeling if massaging it alone doesn’t work.

You have basically learned that massaging for hand and foot numbness can work. However, it’s not adequate to say it can completely provide the cure you need. It may give you a relief for quite a bit and that’s when you opt for other things whenever necessary. Regardless, the best and wisest option is to consult a doctor.